So recently I changed my site’s domain to from It has been sometime since I 301 redirected the webpages. For some reason, the old site is still indexed in Google search results. Here is how I removed all webpages of the old website from Google search results using Google Search Console –

Go to Google Search Console and find Removals under Index.

Click on New Request.

Enter your old domain that you want to remove and select “Remove all URL’s with this prefix” and click Next.

Click Submit Request.

Is is done. Your old website will be removed from Google search results soon. This usually take a couple of days at most.

To check if your old website has been removed, go to Google and search for You will get a list of all webpages of the old domain that are still indexed in Google search results.

This is just after I submitted the request. Will update when the site is removed.


The old site is de-indexed from Google search results.

Published On: July 18th, 2021 / Categories: SEO /

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